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Bobbex is a plant growth stimulant for ornamentals, annuals, and perennials that helps them thrive and survive. Bobbex is an environmentally sensitive foliar spray concentrate containing commonplace natural and recycled ingredients. It is formulated and intended to applied directly on the surface of foliage, stimulating plant growth and vitality. It is readily diluted with water. The Ready-To-Use version comes in its own spray bottle. It is used on ornamentals, flowers and other non-food plants, leaving a long-lasting slightly visible, non-burning residue. This residue will not wash off with hosing or rain. Bobbex is also used to supplement the high concentrations of chemical ingredients in regular garden fertilizers, which generally do not contain microingredients. In addition to hormones, enzymes, natural ingredients, etc., Bobbex encourages microbial activity and provides a wide range of trace elements to plantings. These plantings may be located, for example in worn out soils around older homes where soil vitality may have been seriously reduced over the years by leaching, runoff, neglect or the presence of mature trees and shrubbery.

One other note about Bobbex: while formulated and intended to stimulate plant growth, it has been found to have a very desirable fringe benefit. This benefit can reward users with a very strong degree of protection against damage to ornamentals and flowers by the browsing of deer. Deer are turned away by the taste and odor of Bobbex. For Spring and early Summer use only. mix 1 part Bobbex to 8 parts water. As Fall approaches, use with lesser frequency, using your own judgement to new plant growth rate, variety, and deer encroachment. Allow to dry 4 to 6 hours, before rain, hosing, or irrigation. Bobbex is a year-round product for all types of planting, and is harmless to wildlife including aquatic life, pets, and humans

Not Recommended for food-producing plants

35551 quart, Ready To Use QTY: $18.95 ea
355648 oz Ready To Use EZ Pump Spray QTY: $27.95 ea
35571 gal, Ready To Use Refill QTY: $49.95 ea
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